How it all began

In late 2018, UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in partnership with the City of Sarajevo, Municipality of Stari Grad and Canton Sarajevo, launched the Smart Sarajevo Initiative, which aims to i) stimulate resident participation in community-owned urban development; ii) pilot technology-based improvement of public services; and iii) city-wide collaboration among public, private and civic stakeholders on the journey towards city of the future.
In the period 2019-early 2020, the pilot initiative catalysed a lot of interest by the residents, media, the private sector, as well as supported the participatory design and implementation of a portfolio of innovative ideas, which contribute to making the city more liveable, smarter and healthier.
The initiative has instigated the creation of a very important civic informal structure – the City Mind Lab – a voluntary, self-organized, multi-disciplinary group of professionals, residents of Sarajevo, who are the brainpower behind the Initiative and are interested to commit to moving forward the future city agenda. The City Mind Lab was established in December 2018 and counts more than 120 members today. The City Mind Lab is facilitated by the Smart Sarajevo Initiative and meets informally to build connections, opportunities, and advise on next steps toward inclusive futures for Sarajevo.


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