City Mind Lab

What is 
City Mind Lab

 City Mind Lab Sarajevo is a unique concept of gathering inspiring fellow citizens, experts in various fields, who want to contribute to the processes of transformation of Sarajevo that will make this city as good as possible to live, work or visit.

With this concept, the City of Sarajevo wants to consult and involve relevant experts in the important processes ahead. 


What are the rights of City Mind Lab members

  • To use the City Mind Lab membership reference

  • To participate in all activities organized within the City Mind Lab

  • To actively participate in the work of the City Mind Lab

  • To be adequately listed in the materials in the production of which they participated

  • To be part of social networks and other communication channels concerning the City Mind Lab

What are the responsibilities of City Mind Lab members

Membership in the City Mind Lab is on a voluntary basis. It is the obligation of the members to take part in the activities they are interested in and which are organized within the City Mind Lab.

How to become A member of 
the City Mind Lab?

All interested individuals who want to contribute to the urban transformation of Sarajevo, or want to be involved and informed about activities related to this area, can join the City Mind Lab by clicking on the button below 

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